affinitAD APIs

Take advantage of Twenga’s advanced technology and embed our 30 million product offers catalogue in your website and get instant snapshot of your affinitAD solutions performance  figures with the affinitAD APIs !


The affinitAD Product API gives you the possibility of querying our system with the use of keywords or product references to aggregate and embed all Twenga’s shopping catalogue in your website or application.

With the relevant shopping offers the API provides you, you can:

-  Create a new service for your users by enriching your search results with Twenga’s shopping offers
-  Create a shopping comparison page or enrich your existing product search page with Twenga’s product feeds.
-  Build or enrich your own product comparison widgets
-  Provide product search and comparison for your browser plugins or website tool bar.

All Twenga’s shopping functionalities are now at your users’ disposal:

-  Offers searches by keyword, product references, brands and merchants
-  Filter / Refine results by category
-  Sort Results
-  Compare products and prices from different merchants
-  Control the number of results

Learn more about our advanced Product API and how to get started here!


The affinitAD report API enables you to track easily your affinitAD solutions performance by getting instant snapshots of your:

-  Number of displays
-  Number of clicks
-  Revenues generated
-  Performance per solution, per domain, per SUBID

Get started now with the affinitAD Report API here!