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API Evolution

The call search offer has evolved. The following parameters are not maintained anymore: product_id, ean, min_price, max_price, nb_results, allow_no_image, discount, sort_by, subid, custom_id, twuser_id, retargeting, callOrigin

The calls Match Product, Match Brand, Match Category, Match Merchant, Match user are not maintained anymore.

See : Product API

The API versions system

The API includes several versions: 1, 2 and 2.1.

The version 1 will be permanently cut off at the beginning of July 2013 (i.e. the service on it will be closed and no maintenance service will be done on it). Below are the instructions to migrate to the most recent version.

As soon as the V1 is cut off, the versions system will change:

No need to specify the version in your calls any more: you will get the latest version automatically.

Be careful: there is a new version whenever the output format changes, so it can influence your integration. But normally it will simply be some additions in the output, so no problem in general.

Example :

If you specify a version in you calls: you will stay only on this version and not access to the new features of the latest version

Please note that with the V1 cut-off the category names won’t be available any more (for example: Computers, Audio_Video, Photo…).

Here are the tasks you have to fulfill for the shift from V1 to V2.1:

Update your urls: From searchItem (V1) to v2.1/search/offer (V2.1)


If you use the parameter “nb_offers” in your urls, you have to change it to nb_results


Update your code because these parameters changed:

  • nb_products (V1) => nb_tw_objects (V2.1)
  • products (V1) => tw_objects (V2.1)
  • nb_offers (V1) => nb_results (V2.1)
  • offers (V1) => results (V2.1)

From V2 to V2.1

Simply update your urls: From v2/search/offer (V2) to v2.1/search/offer (V2.1).