Audience targeting with Product API

This new feature enables to adapt the offers returned by the API to your audience thanks to a matching between your audience and Twenga's one.

This new feature implementation is in two step. The new method MatchUser enables to get the twenga id of a user and then a parameter has been added to the "search offer" method to enable the declaration of the user as you can see in the scheme below:

Match User schema

  1. Match User
    Goal: the goal of this webservice is to provide a way to match cookies between Twenga and a partner. Valid calls to this service will return the Twenga user id of the current user.
    Details of the call here: Match user
  2. Product API call with Twuser_id
    Once you have the id of the current user, you can call the Product API with this id and get personalized offers
  3. Retargeting
    You can now retarget your audience using the Product API. 2 retargetint modes are available:
    • Retargeting = 1: retargeting classical mode.
      This call return 1 section containing retargeting offers if there are some available. Else personalized offers are proposed based on the other parameters provided and user’s preferences for the merchants.
    • Retargeting = 2:
      This call returns 2 sections:
      • 1 containing personalized offers matching with the other parameters and based on user’s preferences for the merchants proposed
      • 1 containing retargeting offers