Here are the error codes (found in the error_code field) for the problems you may encounter.

For each error code, if you don't find a solution, do not hesitate to contact us: please use the email indicated in the "Assistance" section or contact your account manager.

Code Description
900 An error occurred. Please try again later or contact us.
901 Access denied. Please contact us.
902 Mandatory / primary parameter is missing: check the list here.
903 Incorrect cack or e parameter, please contact us.
904 Incorrect confkey, please contact us.
905 Incorrect parameter format (e.g merchant_id should be a number): check the list here.
906 Incorrect public_key or public_key not found. Please contact us.
907 Your account is not active, please contact us.
908 Keyword issue: empty, UTF-8 encoding, etc.
909 Your call (keyword) seems not ecommerce.
910 This version is not supported any more.