Report API

Report API gives you access to all the detailed KPIs on your affinitAD solutions:

  • Retrieve statistics: number of displays, clicks, revenue...
  • Filter results per period, domain, product, country...
  • Group data by product, country...
  • Easily manage your traffic using Subid or Channel parameters

Note: In order to use this solution you must be registered as a publisher on affinitAD. For further information please contact us.

Report api V2

The Report API provides detailed information on affinitAD solutions performance and monetization.

1. Version

Current version is : v2
(v1 is still available)

2. Access

Report API access point is :

3. Authentication

An authentication is required before any call to our API.

To get a token use the call:[USERNAME]&password=[PASSWORD]&format=[FORMAT]

FORMAT could be JSON or XML


You can then make any call you want to the API during 30 min.
After that, the token will expire and you will need to get another one by authenticate again to make additionnal calls.

Here an exemple of call :[FORMAT]&token=[TOKEN]